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Adventure stories stir the fires of man's imagination, touching that primordial spot somewhere between our heart and soul. Gordon’s England’s series of Wild Side short stories are fascinating accounts demonstrating truth is stranger than fiction. These  tales will keep you captivated in travels around the globe and across the deserts. Available through Kindle only at Gordon’s Amazon Author Site for $1.49 each. Kindle Readers can be downloaded for ipads, iphones, kindles, and computers.



At the southern tip of Abaco Island in the Bahamas, a lighthouse overlooks the Hole in the Wall cliff where waves have eroded a natural cave in the limestone. Offshore is swift, deep water where legions of fish congregate over a 500 foot seamount. Follow Gordon on his trip to this remote fishing ground with Dr. Neil as they load up on tuna, dolphin, and kingfish, even hooking up on a marlin. A 70-mile run back to Nassau through a maze of coral reefs, and running aground, is a night adventure to remember. Available through Kindle only at Gordon’s Amazon Author Site.



Our South Texas Christmas tradition was a hunting trip venturing across the border deep into Old Mexico where game was endless and laws were nonexistent. In this story, Gordon and a crew of fathers and sons have a staggering hunting trip mixed in with close calls with rattlesnakes and mountain lions in the middle of Mexican mountains. Available through Kindle only at Gordon’s Amazon Author Site.



Off the coast of Nassau, Gordon is drifting in his boat and drinking a beer ion Father's Day. A giant marlin swims up to the boat to take a bait hanging in the water. The chase is on as Gordon attempts to land the billfish on an undersized rod. When the beast dives straight down and strips 1,500 feet of line off the reel, Gordon faces limited options as the line comes to the end of the reel. Available through Kindle only at Gordon’s Amazon Author Site.



Gordon travels 80 miles to the other side of the Gulf Stream to catch a monster tuna that turns the tide and cripples his boat by wrapping the prop with a gaff. The return to Port Canaveral is a saga of endurance and stamina through a night of storms that tests the crew’s nautical abilities. Enjoy Gordon’s adventure in the tenth Wild Side Story collection available on Kindle.



My wife and I watched the big ball on Time Square drop at midnight with a group of friends. She saw me glance out the window at the hard blowing north wind.

When I turned back to the party, she simply said, “Are you going?”

I smiled. “Of course. The forecast is for rain turning to sleet and ice by daylight. You know the only thing cold is good for is duck hunting and snuggling.”

Duck hunting is a masochistic sport undertaken by the hardy or foolish in the most miserable of winter conditions. If the north wind is not blowing at twenty miles an hour, temperature hovering around freezing, and rain turning to sleet, ducks will not be flying much and crazy duck hunters will not be crawling through the mud an hour before sunrise telling themselves they are having fun, damn it. In Cold Duck Gordon recounts a tale of duck hunting in a brutal Texas blizzard with a magnificent bird dog battling ice and cold water. This is No. 9 in Gordon’s Wild Side Collection. Available through Kindle only at Gordon’s Amazon Author Site.



In the spring of 1964, Gordon and his father went fishing on a party boat in the Gulf of Mexico where they encountered a formidable storm that almost sank their boat. The landlubbers on this trip suffered a nightmare journey of endurance they were lucky to survive. Available through Kindle only at Gordon’s Amazon Author Site.



While many people have heard of Pancho Villa, few realize that the United States went to war with Mexico after he attacked Columbus, New Mexico in 1916, sacking the town. The ensuing reprisal and invasion of Mexico by General Blackjack Pershing and Lieutenant George Patton was called the Mexican Expedition, one of the few wars the United States did not win.

This Wild Side tale is a composite of true accounts conveyed to the author by two tough old Texans who were involved in the Mexican border wars. While names have been changed, the stories remain in this gritty recollection of desert war, Mexican bandits, train robberies, and Buffalo Soldiers in the last Cavalry charge on horseback by the U.S. Army. Available through Kindle only at Gordon’s Amazon Author Site.



During the 1960's, hordes of whitewing dove swarmed Mexican farmland, stealing valuable grain crops. American hunters were brought in to shoot unlimited numbers of dove from the fields. This is Herman Hitzfeld's account of incredible non-stop shooting for three days in Mexico on a whitewing hunt beyond imagination. Available through Kindle only at Gordon’s Amazon Author Site.



Popcorn and movies are an American tradition. Right? Who would have thought an allergic reaction to popcorn would turn a family theater outing to a near-death tragedy for Annie England. Only quick thinking by her husband, Gordon, and a crosstown car race to the hospital saved Annie’s life by the slimmest of margins. Available through Kindle only at Gordon’s Amazon Author Site.



The feverish whirring of wings as a covey of quail explodes in all directions from a clump of grass at your feet is the most adrenaline filled, heart stopping moment of any bird hunting. Only a fast shooter stays calm enough to ignore the pandemonium and focus on a snap shot in the few seconds between a quail’s rise and its disappearance through low brush. A combination of plentiful summer rain and warn weather in the winter of 1986 resulted in a quail hatch of historic proportions in West Texas. This story recounts Gordon England’s phenomenal quail hunt near historic Fort Clark that winter. Hunting in thick cactus and mesquite is not for the weak or faint of heart. Available through Kindle only at Gordon’s Amazon Author Site.



On a routine trip from Columbia, Dick and John took what they thought was an approved route over Cuba. When MIGs forced their plane down, they faced the inside of a brutal Cuban jail with no communication to the outside world. Annie was their only hope as she desperately used military connections to pressure Castro for a quick release.  Available through Kindle only at Gordon’s Amazon Author Site.



Gordon and Annie were determined to win the fishing tournament offshore of Cape Canaveral. The fishing turned from hot to broken when a steering cable snapped. Then it turned worse when a storm moved in. Despite an agonizing back injury, Gordon struggles to steer the boat and save the crew while awash with angry waves and wind. Available  through Kindle only at Gordon’s Amazon Author Site.



The first in the series of Wild Side Short Stories. An airboat, moonlight, black water, and swimming with alligators are the background for this terrifying night in Florida’s Lake Washington.  Available through Kindle only at Gordon’s Amazon Author Site.


My wife and I are filled with wanderlust that sends us searching for adventures. After years of cruising through the Bahamas searching for Jimmy Buffett’s “One Particular Harbour,” I wrote Bahamian Harbour Guide, a photographic travelogue of wonderful hidden harbours off the beaten tourist track. A rating system based upon our Particular Point of View was developed to rank these idyllic hideaways to determine our favorite harbours, beaches, and tiki bars.

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Gordon’s release of Searching for One Particular Harbor is the mostly true story of his adventures and misadventures while living in the Bahamas for two years. He and Annie explored islands, caught large dolphin and wahoo, dove on remote reefs, battled hurricanes, and searched for Buffet’s magical harbors in this story of paradise found and lost.


Gordon’s new book is about his most daring adventure- becoming an expat and going to work for the Bahamian government.  It’s a great story for fans of Florida-lit, tropical adventures, and outdoor writing. And since the title is a play off the Jimmy Buffet song “One Particular Harbor,” Parrothead fans are a given.... England keeps the narrative moving forward, peppering dialogue with enough description and action.....  As in his previous works, Gordon’s descriptions of fishing trips are a real treat. He keeps the prose terse, letting the action of the fight take over the reader’s mind.  Searching is a thoroughly entertaining story about the quest for paradise, politics, and the redemptive qualities of a good day out on the water.

Scott Deitche

FLORIDA TODAY REVIEW - This book is a mostly true account of three years he spent living in the Bahamas seeking out beautiful reefs, big fish, and the perfect tiki bar. He describes the lifhe pursued, even discovering a few of Jimmy Buffett’s out-offar removed from the island tourist traps.

Available at Create Space, Amazon,and Kindle



Whether he's chasing sailfish in Panama or hunting dove and quail deep in Mexico, Gordon pursues outdoor sports with a passion for the biggest and best. In this collection he catches huge dolphin in the Exumas, races motocross through woods both on and off the trails, hunts ducks in brutal Texas snow and ice, hooks hopelessly large blue marlin in Nassau, and gets lost at sea in a monstrous Gulf of Mexico storm.

His adventures often take place on Boat Tales, his twenty-one foot Aquasport, based in Nassau, Bahamas. His love of the ocean is captured in his travels across Florida's Gulf Stream, to Abaco's fabled Hole in the Wall, to remote islands of the Exumas, and from Abaco to Eluthera to Nassau in the dead of the night across miles of coral reefs at low tide. These tales will capture your imagination, vicariously take you to exotic lands, and entertain you with Gordon's true-life escapades. Boat Tales is a collection of ten true to life adventures drawn from his outdoor lifestyle and nautical journeys.


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